Here at Reach we really place an emphasis on results. Even though we include assessments and programmes in the membership, sometimes people need that little bit more, which is where personal training comes in! Thousands of individuals join gyms, hire trainers and coaches every year. Why is it that many, to their great frustration, often never see any change in the way their bodies perform or look?

This lack of results and loss of progress costs time and money and is often due to misconceptions and a misunderstanding of what is required. One size does not fit all. Just as we require a specific shoe size, we all require a different exercise programme. For customised results you need a customised programme.

Our Trainers have developed the components that take the guesswork out of reaching your goals and put the science back in. With one-to-one personal training, we provide a complete exercise system that will guarantee that you reach your goals in the most efficient and enjoyable way.

Your body adapts to an exercise after 4-5 exposures, therefore it is vital that as your body changes, so must your workout. We can provide you with a cutting-edge protocol that can take you to a level you have never dreamed of – always based on specific needs and desired results.

All our trainers are available for personal training (PT). Prices typically start at around £30 per session and you can make effective progress from as little as 3 sessions a month

Sophie Atkin

More About Sophie

In 2008, after gaining a lot of weight, I decided to go to the gym. I was serious about losing weight and sought out a Personal Trainer who helped me to stay motivated and achieve results. As my health and fitness levels increased, I found a good balance in leading a healthier lifestyle.

From seeing the amazing results that this change can make I decided to change careers and moved away from Medical Sales into the Health and Fitness Industry. It has since become a great passion and way of life.

I have an honours degree in Psychology which makes me aware of how powerful the right mental approach can be in motivating people to achieve their goals. I am passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals, whether your focus is on losing weight, gaining muscle, increasing flexibility or training for your favourite sport.

When it comes to constructing a client’s training program I look at more than just the exercises in the gym, I give full nutritional support by providing recipes and diet plans. No two people are the same so my aim is to help others change their lives by increasing their activity levels and fine tuning their nutritional habits to achieve successful results.

I will encourage you every step of the way, ensuring you reach your targets in an effective manner by providing the motivation and expertise whilst keeping the sessions varied and fun but above all, effective.

So if you’re looking for someone to help you stay motivated, guide you with nutritional advice and support you in achieving your goals please don’t think twice about getting in touch.

07525 002808

Josh Jones

More About Josh

Josh is a fully qualified Level 3 personal trainer with a BSc (Hons) Degree in sports coaching from the University of Gloucestershire where he studied strength and conditioning, program design, nutrition and much more. Josh has experience in circuit training, weight loss, strength, muscle building and toning.  With this knowledge Josh will design a personalised program to suit, guide and motivate you every step of the way.

From a young age Josh has enjoyed working with people and has always been motivated to help people achieve their goals. Josh has competed in a range of sports including Rugby, Athletics and Rowing. Josh now competes at a national level in Powerlifting. From this Josh has learnt what it takes to achieve your goals and how to stay motivated through the process.

With his friendly and professional personality Josh has helped clients who have wanted to lose weight, train for strength, tone up or just wanted to get fitter. So whatever your goal Josh contact Josh today.

Contact Josh for a free consultation to answer any questions you may have about personal training and to discuss those all-important goals.

07817 161441

Lisa Deacon

More About Lisa

Personal trainer and Pilates Instructor

I have worked and trained in the Fitness Industry for over 15 years.

I am qualified in Pilates as well as Personal training and draw from both to provide each client with their tailored program/session depending on their individual needs and goals.

As a Pilates instructor I appreciate the importance of increasing core strength and stability, flexibility and mobility especially for those who suffer from back pain, due to injury, child birth or work related posture.

As a mum I understand how difficult it can be to get back into shape after child birth.

As your trainer I appreciate how important it is to deliver a fun, motivational session, geared to what you specifically want to achieve.

Considering personal training??

Contact me now for your free taster session.

07771 961572

Chris Long

More About Chris

Chris’s technical qualifications are second to none, having originally gained a BSc (Hons) in Sport Science and Physiology from Leeds University in 1996, and becoming an accredited Assessor of Fitness Instructors three years later. The high point of his career came when he achieved the world recognised and highly sought after CSCS (CERTIFIED STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING PROFESSIONAL) qualification from the NSCA (NATIONAL STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING ASSOCIATION).

Chris has worked with people from all walks of life from housewives to top company executives, professional rugby players and football players. He is able to enhance their performance by correcting their POSTURAL IMBALANCES, of which he has an in-depth technical understanding and practical knowledge. This corrective programming technique is unique within the fitness industry.

So if you wish to achieve your ultimate body composition and ideal size, correcting your postural imbalances at the same time, then Chris is the trainer for you.

Chris has run several successful weight management programmes for large fitness organisations and has been specialising in one to one personal training and lifestyle coaching since 2002. Having played and lived rugby all his life, Chris represented Gloucestershire at U-18, played professional rugby for Leeds Tykes and for Gloucestershire at senior level.

07887 521842

Sports Massage

What is a sports massage?

Unique, targeted treatment to reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility, and to help prevent injury.

It is a strong, dynamic and effective technique used to treat the deeper muscles, tendons and ligaments that can cause problems.

It can help…

Anyone with muscular, ligament or postural problems that have been caused by Sport/Exercise or just normal daily activities.

What is the Rossiter System?

A unique treatment to deeply stretch the Fascia System (connective tissue). Immediate relief can be experienced on an acute problem whilst chronic long term issues need more sessions to give long term relief. Please refer to her website to understand how it is applied.

Jane Rackham

Specialism: Sports Massage

More About Jane

“Don’t just leave it…TREAT IT!”

Jane has been in the Health and Fitness Industry for nearly 20 years. In addition to being a Sports Massage Therapist she is a qualified Gym and Aerobics Instructor.

Practising for nearly 7 years Jane knows that as well as helping to prevent injury, Sports massage can be the start to treating and relieving chronic long term muscle, ligament and posture problems. The path to recovery can be long but she is passionate that you should not just ‘leave it’ you should ‘treat it’ or it will get worse.

Consultations and treatments are very personal taking into account medical history, work activities, injuries and posture. A typical 1hr consultation will not only include Massage/Myofascial Release but postural exercises and assisted stretches. If required it can also include exercises and stretches that you can do at home to assist and speed up rehabilitation.

Jane has important links with other therapy professionals so if she feels unable to help you or thinks that you would benefit from a further or alternative form of treatment she will advise you of this and refer you on if you wish.

Jane is a keen triathlete, and has competed and won at a number of distances and levels over the last 10 years, before which she played hockey for Lansdown Ladies 1st XI in the South West League and represented Gloucestershire. In 2009 Jane competed, along with 3,300 men and women, in an Ironman 70.3 in Wiesbaden, Germany 70.3, finishing 15th (and top GB finisher) in her age group. Her dream became reality in 2010 after completing an Ironman in Germany a long day never to forget. She is a member of Tri Team Glos and has developed a particular interest in treating endurance athletes as she has a significant understanding in what it takes to keep a body functioning effectively whilst placing it under the stresses of training.

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