Free Weights

Now this is where we really excel! Over 25% percent of our floor space is devoted to free weights; the industry average is 5%! We have an extensive free weights area including a lot of specialist strength training items. We try to encourage every member to use free weights in their programs.

We have dumbbells in 1kg increments up to 20kg and 2kg increments up to 50kg. We have 2 bench press platforms, 4 power racks, a trap bar, a dipping frame, a hyperextension bench and much, much more. If lifting weights is your thing then head to Reach.

Our specialist equipment includes:

  • 7 x Texas Power bars.
  • Safety Squat bar.
  • Multiple Trap bars.
  • Football bar.
  • Cambered Squat bar.
  • Cambered Row bar.
  • Double Land-mine.
  • 4 x full Power racks.
  • Glute Ham Raise machine.
  • Eleiko calibrated competition discs.
  • Dumbells up to 50kg in 2kg increments.
  • Dual adjustable pulley.
  • 2 x IPF spec. bench press stations.

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